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Case Study > Yacht Harbor Condominiums

Yacht Harbour was suffering from significant structural damage due to its proximity to the marine environment.  Its recreational deck and planter waterproofing has also exceeded its lifespan, resulting in structural damage.  There was also the need for a 40-year certification, along with required renovation of the elevators.

The Challenge
Determine an affordable long-term solution to remediate the damage.

The Solution
DSS analyzed the existing specifications and bids and determined the scope and specifications were incomplete and the pricing excessive.  DSS worked with a new engineer, developed revised specifications and a new bid package, which was awarded with two contracts rather than one.  This strategy alone saved the Association over $200,000.  Total savings were approximately $1,000,000 and were used to remediate the entire recreational deck rather than a small portion while also paying for professional project management.

Remediation begins in June 2013.