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Case Study > Porfirios Restaurant at 850 Commerce Street

Porfirios is the luxury entry to the South Beach restaurant market of Grupo Anderson’s of Mexico City which features a spectacular blend of handmade finishes surrounding indoor and outdoor venues. The main dining building is an 80-year-old boarding house, skillfully designed and renovated to provide a breathtaking two-story space. The new building contains the kitchen, lounges and back of house operations while the terrace area is finished with equal care and quality to provide an unequaled level of outdoor luxury.

This old boarding house exceeded its limits of use decades ago. The venue has become the high end restaurant center of Miami Beach.

The Challenge
How to install new foundations and take out the second floor while maintaining the structural integrity.  Then making additions for kitchen and outdoor terrace while integrating all aspects into a well-designed luxury restaurant.

The Solution
Along with the architect and structural engineer, DSS developed a structural system to literally support and hang the existing building on a new structural steel frame supported by helical piles and concrete footings while permitting the removal of the second floor, quite a delicate proposition considering the two-story building is balloon framed.  All aspects of the structure will be new including the MEP systems with luxury finishes unique to Porfirios..

A unique luxury restaurant in the most sought after venue on Miami Beach.