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Case Study > Milos Restaurant

Estiatorio Milos by Coastas Spiliadas is a world famous Greek restaurant known for its world-class menu using the world’s finest ingredients. They offer locations in Montreal, New York City, Athens Las Vegas and now Miami Beach. Milos commissioned Jeffrey Beers to design this South Beach classic. STA was the local architect.

The existing building was the former Carnival Fruit packing and distribution warehouse. It was dilapidated and lacked current code requirements including FEMA flood protection. DSS was employed by both the landlord and tenant to manage the project. DSS critiqued the design and suggested modifications to help save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Challenge
Transform a dilapidated building into a world-class dining venue on an economically feasible budget.

The Solution
The focus was smart design and competitive pricing. Once these two goals were achieved the focus transitioned into construction administration.

The transformation was both radical and complete. The budget was controlled and the project delivered as committed. The final product is a world class restaurant.