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Case Study > 11 11 Lincoln Road Multiuse

DSS was employed by the developer to manage the design, procurement and construction process of a project never before attempted.  The original contractor estimates for the project cost to be over double the amount financially feasible thereby impeding the project’s development.

Herzog & DeMeuron were commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind car park. They accomplished this by varying the floor-to-floor heights, using massive angular columns, and tapering the perimeter slab to a knife edge while also hiding the fire sprinkler pipes in the slab.  The developer had the project priced by contractors. The estimates were cost prohibitive.

The Challenge
Provide the design in an affordable manner and deliver it on time.

The Solution
Use materials and methods commonly use in the Miami Dade area in uncommon ways. For example, use EMT electrical conduit to sleeve the fire sprinkler so it was a sleeved system, not an imbedded system and therefore acceptable to the fire department. We also employed a conventional PT slab system rather than the hybrid steel and concrete system originally designed. DSS caused the redesigned every aspect of each system yet maintained the architecture.

The project was delivered within budget and on time, 16 ½ months from start to TCO.  Cost savings were over 50% of the amount originally estimated by contractors.  The project included construction of the two-story condominium bank building, penthouse shell, site work and substantial renovation of the existing 8-story office building.