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Case Study > 1100 Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall Improvements

The City agreed to have the 11 11 developer manage the design and construction of the 1100 block of Lincoln Road.  DSS was the logical choice to provide owner representation as they were already managing the 11 11 multiuse project.

The 1100 block of Lincoln Road was dysfunctional, prematurely ending the pedestrian experience of Lincoln Road Mall.  Herzog & DeMeuron and Raymond Jungles were commissioned to design a unique experience integrating the Everglades into Lincoln Road.  The result is history.  The extensive use of Pedra Portuguesa, free-form concrete fountain habitats, and large mature specimens of bald cypress and oak trees reshaped Lincoln Road forever.

The Challenge
Delivering this unique design within a realistic budget and schedule.

The Solution
DSS labored over every aspect of the design maintaining the uniqueness yet making it constructible.  We provided a simple RFP process enabling the City to receive favorable pricing.

The project was delivered within its original budget and six months ahead of schedule.